16/04/2010 13:50:23

Words by tcsh

FREE Boot Bag!

TCS-Boot-Bag That’s right, we’re giving away stuff for FREEEEE! What’s the catch? ……… well, you do have to actually buy something from us first (We’ve not gone completely doolally!). All you need to do is spend £50 or over on a piece of footwear and you will get sent a free boot bag with your order.

Considering that most footwear is over £50 anyway then basically, if you’re after a pair of shoes or boots then the boot bag is yours.

Alternatively, if you don’t need a pair of shoes but you just MUST have this boot bag then you can always buy it outright for a tenner!

There is a limited stock so if you want to take us up on the offer then you may need to get in there soon (half of them have gone already in the shop!)

If you have any questions about the offer then give us a call on 015394 30122 or email us