14/05/2009 15:55:00

Words by tcsh

Evolv Rock Shoes – Now at The Climbers Shop

Evolv Pontas Lace Up ShoesYet another new and exciting brand to The Climbers Shop, EVOLV are one of the new breed of manufacturers who are making an effort to produce good quality climbing products with minimal impact to the environment. Having recently developed their Eco-Trax recycled rubber, they are now rolling it out to all their shoes which will minimise the pressure on resources without affecting the performance of your footwear. In addition, most of their shoes feature vegan friendly leather as standard.

The fact that shoes such as the Pontas are worn by professional climbers, such as Chris Sharma and Chris Lindner, shows that the performance is still amongst the best, while more comfortable shoes like the Defy and the Elektra offer much better options for the beginner or intermediate rock monkey. Take a look at the range we are stocking and see if they can help you EVOLV your climbing to a higher level.

A big thanks to all those of you who have been contributing to the product reviews, many of which are on the site already. Keep them coming in, as if we use the review you will get yourself a free 50th anniversary gift for your efforts.