03/02/2009 12:12:00

Words by tcsh

Doing laps of Brown Cove Crag's

Sunday  1st Feb 2009.  Brown Cove Crags.  Today was a great day for testing out the Osprey Talon 33 (which we will be stocking from March 2009).
Powered up with a quick hit of GenR’s Vitargo energy drink (also coming soon), I was ready for the quick run up to the crag from the Swirls car park (opposite Thirlmere). I loaded the Talon up with my gear for the climb, as I was not climbing anything difficult, I wanted to pack for speed so I ditched the rope and hardwear and went lightweight. With pack loaded, I was off.

Within forty minutes, I was at the base of central gully (grade 1), and within another 10 mins I was at the top! Fantastic Neve all the way.
I enjoyed it so much that i went back down for another round and then another round!!

After Three rounds my legs were pretty pumped and as I'm no Ueli Steck , I opted to head back down to the carpark. The Talon performed really well and although not designed as a true Climbing pack it worked excellently (in fact I like it so much I think i'll have to buy one).
With the weather looking good for this week, I'm looking forward to putting the Talon through it's paces some more this coming weekend! 

I'll post some pictures in my next blog.

Have fun out their!! And be safe!! - Rick.