09/05/2011 13:11:43

Words by tcsh

Climbers Shop Offer Free Footprint With All Hilleberg Tents

hilleberg2As we head towards summer and the potential of good weather (I stress potential), our thoughts start to wander to the idea of camping again. Whether it is wild camping, touring or family camping, the spring and summer is a wonderful time to Hilleberg-Kaitum-Tent get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

In order to help you get hold of the best camping gear available, The Climbers Shop are offering a free footprint with every one of their high quality Hilleberg tents. Designed to fit to the exact shape of the tent the footprints can be worth up to £200 and offer groundsheet protection that is tailored and specific to your Hilleberg tent, whether it is a lightweight Akto, or a huge multi person Atlas.

Hilleberg tents are currently considered to be the finest quality backpacking and expedition tents in the UK. Designed in Sweden they are constructed to cope with camping in harsh Scandinavian winters and fierce polar winds so there is little that the UK climate could throw at it that it couldn’t cope with. As well as being used in sub zero temperatures, many Hilleberg tent have been take to desert environments, thanks to their excellent durability and free standing designs.

The footprint for the tent is an essential part of what makes the Hilleberg tents to durable. Designed to give you extra protection from stones and other sharp objects, the footprints also insulate you from the cold ground and act as a barrier to rising night time moisture. Take advantage of this great offer now before stocks run out.

StopPress: New Tent From Hilleberg


We have just taken delivery of the latest tent in the Hilleberg range, the Saitaris. This spacious and super stable dome tent promises to be absolutely bomb proof, with a clever pole configuration that makes it rigid even in strong winds. With space enough for four people and kit, the Saitaris is a king amongst Hillebergs tent nobility!