03/11/2009 12:35:00

Words by tcsh

Business As Usual

As we posted on Sunday, we are having a refurbishment this week of the front of the shop. It will open it up a lot more and allow people to actually get around the counter without having to get up close and personal to whoever is being served!

Shop RefurbishmentWe also regularly had comments about how intimidating the counter could be when confronted with it as soon as you walk in the shop, so if you have been into the shop before and felt that then we're sorry and we're doing something about (after 50 years!).

At the moment the front of the shop, although having a bit more space, is not quite presentable (see picture left) but we are now open for business having crammed all our stock into the back of the shop. We have also moved the climbing gear upstairs to where the book department used to be. This means that, if you come in and need some serious advice on climbig hardwear then you will get the attention you deserve instead of the member of staff having to duck out to serve someone every few minutes.

For a full collection of photos of the current shift around, head to our Facebook page where there are lots more images.

If you have been into the shop this week, or are going to come in in the next week or two, then can we just say a big thankyou for your patience while we get the refurb finished.