29/06/2010 17:23:27

Words by tcsh

Bendy Bowls and Pliable Plates

S-to-S-Xbowl-small This year the outdoor accessory specialist Sea To Summit have launched a new range of camping gear in the form of their ‘X’ range. Consisting of a bowl, a plate, and a mug, you may think that there can be little revolutionary about it, and certainly not enough to warrant the rather dramatic ‘X’ branding!

Well, despite the branding, the X-bowl, plate and mug really are a great innovation in camping gear. Instead of making them out of conventional plastic or lightweight metal, they have constructed them out of heat proof and food grade silicon. the benefit of silicon is that it is bendy. Ordinarily, that might be a mistake, but Sea To Summit have used it to their advantage and developed a products that can be completely compressed down to a single disk!

So, when packing, you never need to have that fight with your bowl as it’s awkward shape makes it a nightmare to fit in. And likewise, you need not try and think of convenient shaped items that you can pack into your mug to save space. Each of the items will just squash down to a simple disk and can therefore be packed anywhere in your bag.

When you need them, just pop the sides up and ‘Hey Presto’, a complete dinner set.


Now, I know this is not completely new, we already stock the Raidlight Eco Cup and we have had the Orikaso products before, but these seem to work better than the origami style kit and the addition of the hard base, means that they are more stable and therefore suited to any camper as opposed to the uber-lightweighter that some others play to.

The only downside we can see is in the mug – if the sides compress unexpectedly, you may have a bit of a spilling incident on your hands … literally. The mug would be better if they could have included a handle somehow, like the Raidlight one has. Out of all three pieces that they have brought out so far, I can really see the bowl being the winner. As mentioned previously, the X-Bowl is much easier to pack than a conventional bowl, it seems a good size, and the flat base makes it a stable item.

All in all, I’m quietly impressed with the range, and will watch with interest to see if you guys agree. Now we just need some bendy silicon cutlery and we’ll have the complete set!