03/10/2011 13:35:12

Words by tcsh

Andy Kirkpatrick attempts Troll Wall, Norway

Troll Wall from Andy Kirkpatrick on Vimeo.


In September 2011, Andy Kirkpatrick (British Climbing Legend) attempted to solo Suser Gjennom Harryland (VI A3 5.10b 600m) on the Troll wall on Norway. The previous two solo attempts by Brits resulted in rescues, one with a broken femur and the other with a broken back – this was Andy’s 3rd solo attempt.

The Troll Wall is part of the mountain massif Trolltindene (Troll Peaks) in the Romsdalen valley, near Åndalsnes and Molde, on the Norwegian west coast. The Troll Wall is the tallest vertical rock face in Europe, about 1,100 metres (3,600 ft) from its base to the summit of its highest point. At its steepest, the summit ridge overhangs the base of the wall by nearly 50 metres (160 ft). (stolen from wikipedia!!)