09/07/2010 16:47:41

Words by tcsh

A Wild and Windy Weekend?

It’s a bit of strange time at the moment in the Lake District when it comes to weather. After what seems like months of dry, and recently, quite hot weather, we are now entering the first hosepipe ban in 14 years. Anyone who has driven along the shores of Thirlmere or Haweswater will testify to the arid state that they are in, with metres and metres of exposed shingle where there was once water.

Yet, we enter this ban under a cloud, not a metaphorical one, but a real one. A dirty great black one to be honest! Yes, this weekend is set to be a truly soggy one.

Although generally warm (18C), Saturday is looking showery throughout the day, with blustery winds on the fells giving occasional gales in places. This could make for some interesting walking and so, if you’re heading out, don’t forget your weather proof gear. In conditions like that (warm and wet) you can never discount thunder and lightning either so be alert. At ground level it shouldn’t be so wild, with winds settling to a more manageable 10-15mph.

There is some debate about Sunday. It is generally accepted that a fairly significant front of rain will pass through overnight making camping a noisy experience. However, it is not definite when it will have shifted by. Most authorities seem to be suggesting that it will have dissipated by early morning and so a day of activities could be on the cards. MWIS (every walkers weather oracle) is suggesting that it may take slightly longer and that the day will still contain quite a few showers.

 Of course, it will take more than a couple of slightly soggy days to replenish the reservoirs so it may also be a good opportunity to pop down to Thirlmere or Haweswater and see if you can catch sight of the sunken villages that lie beneath the waves and play testimony to the lakes artificial existence.

All in all, this weekend is looking like a perfect weekend …… for shopping! Feel free to pop into The Climbers Shop and have a browse. Maybe take a look at our extensive range of waterproofs!!

To keep abreast of the changing weather conditions, don’t forget to visit our dedicated weather page as well as our webcam, which will show you the latest conditions on Fairfield.