24/10/2009 09:18:00

Words by tcsh

A wet and windy weekend in store.

With the start of the October half term holidays the forecast for the Lake District this weekend isn't looking too fanatstic.  We are expecting some heavy rain and some high winds, particularly through Saturday and overnight into Sunday.  Sunday will remain wet and windy.

Saturday is already looking grey and damp, with showers likely to get heavier as the morning goes on.  On the plus side it is unseasonably mild with temperatures hovering in the teens.  The wind direction will swing to SSW as the day progresses and this wind will become stronger throughout the afternoon.  As we get into Saturday evening gusts of 40mph + are expected.  Obviously these winds are going to be significantly stronger on the fell tops where gusts of up to 80mph may be seen.  This is not a day to be traversing narrow ridges!

The very strong wind means that the wind chill effect will bring temperatures below zero on the exposed mountain tops.

Sunday will start in the same vein, wet and very windy.  This wind should ease later in the day and likewise the rain will become lighter as the day goes on.  Winds will still be gale force for most of the day though so if you are planning to get out in the hills, progress will be hampered by severe buffeting at times.

Please remember that the clocks go back one hour at midnight tonight with the end of British Summer Time. 

Also best of luck to all of those competing in the OMM (Original Mountain Marathon) taking place in the Elan Valley in Wales this weekend.  Hopefully there won't be any swimming involved like last year!

For a detailed fell top forecast go to www.mwis.org.uk