28/03/2011 17:04:00

Words by tcsh

A Customers’ View Of Hoka Footwear

We have just received this excellent summary of the new Hoka footwear form one of our customers and thought that it deserved a blog post in it’s own right – thanks Martin

Hoka Mafate

Martin -HokaJust to let you know that I have had 3 short runs in the forest (ease into the shoes because of slight shin splints from previously) and I can say that you are right – the shoes for me seem to be extremely stable on the tracks I have used so far.  I have been able to run downhill on the faster sections where normally I would have backed off a bit.  Impact wise, there seems to be no feeling afterwards that the legs have had a hard time.  I have so far been taking it easy though, today I will give them a longer run with some tempo work.  Hopefully the shoes will carry on giving me the feeling of not being injured.

I have noted that there is less feedback from the trail –but for the benefit of floating, at the moment, gives the shoes a double thumbs up. 

Though there is a weight penalty of 65grms per pair over my brooks road shoe, it would allow for faster downhill sections, especially near the end, enabling a less battered pair of legs to race the last 3k.

Additional follow up following a race

I feel I had a good run yesterday (even found a matching T-shirt), closer to the front runners than I thought I would be, though not touching distance.  59.09 for the sub 10mile trail race, Ben Abdelnoor won in a 55.45!

The shoes certainly made my legs suffer less on the downhill’s and where not an encumbrance going up.  Feel fresh today so will do a bike ride.