3rd Rock

3rd Rock Clothing

3rd Rock are all about quality, comfortable clothing that doesn't negatively impact on earths resources or the people who produce the materials. Designed for active people, the 3rd Rock clothing offers unrestricted movement for dynamic activities like climbing and yoga, as well as supreme comfort at all other times.

3rd Rock was born in 2010 by Jessica Mor, a certified fashion designer & pattern cutter. Jessica founded the brand following her experience in the London fashion industry with a great passion to create something different:

  • 3rd Rock only use ORGANIC COTTON  
  • They UP-CYCLE pre-loved fabrics & use RECYCLED fibers, giving them a second chance at life & saving them from land-fill sites.
  • They print with water based phthalates-free OekoTex certified printing inks.
  • They keep transportation to a minimum by sourcing fabrics and factories locally.
  • They offer lovely stuff made in an environmentally responsible way, so you have a 'guilt free/feel good' purchase option.